Our Work


While much of the work we do cannot be captured with photos, here are some of the more recent ways we have been involved in different communities.

South Africa

In 2021 looting and destruction of shopping centers and food supplies in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, had left many people in desperate need.

Boulder Foundation used its contacts and resources to join many wonderful people and organizations to bring food and other essentials to those affected by the devastation.

Our efforts have been a blessing to many and together we distributed the tremendous amount of donations we had received. More than 40,000 instant meals being were donated along with other fresh food and essentials from our partners. Check out our Facebook page for some photos of what we've done. We are tremendously grateful to our amazing partners and all the generous donors!

food delivery in South Africa


house building project in Mexico

Boulder Foundation volunteers, Anders and Emma Northuis, joined a team to Mexico for a house building project in the community of Baja.

Hope Center – Centro de Esperanza: Home of the ReachBaja community programs are serving impoverished children, teens and single-mothers. They aim to relieve poverty and develop a mindset of success and wellness in those they serve.

During this week with them the team were able to build a home for a family that had previously been living in extremely poor conditions.

See the finished results of the building on our Facebook page and follow ReachBaja on their page to see how you can help their community.

New York

Our volunteers, Anders and Emma Northuis, took a small team to Flushing, New York on an outreach with Street LIFE Ministries.

They had the opportunity to serve many on the streets of New York with this wonderful organization who has been reaching out to the homeless of New York for about 20 years!

Read more about Street LIFE Ministries and the amazing work they do, how you can join an outreach, or how you can support them, on their website streetlife.org.


When a sudden flood destroyed all the medical equipment Nurse Force Global had, Boulder Foundation hurried to send a team with supplies to our wonderful partner organization based in the Philippines.

A team of 17 young people and 6 adults were able to supply 21 bags of various medical supplies and joined them on a mission to a nearby island community.

Follow them on Facebook or check out their website at nurseforceglobal.org.

CERT training

Local efforts include facilitating a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. This FEMA certified training allows local volunteers from the public to be trained in basic disaster response skills, fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, as well as disaster medical operations.

The three day training gives volunteers hands-on practice and lots of resources to equip them to be ready when the need may arise. The next CERT training is scheduled for March 31, 2022 in Denver, Colorado. Register here to join us.

CERT training