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About Us


Boulder Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves as a conduit to funnel resources from donors and partners to selected high impact nonprofits and projects on a global scale.

Our purpose is to connect, empower and equip people to help them make a meaningful difference in their communities as well as their own lives.

A boulder is a rock too large for one person to move, just like the vision of transformed communities worldwide is too large for one person to accomplish. We need each other to effect lasting transformation.

Our funding model is based on Third Principle Business Initiatives, involving business owners committing a third of their profit to programs making a sustainable impact.

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Our Purpose

To connect a global network of resources and solutions which can enable capability and capacity to communities and programs in need.
To empower communities through education which encourages development and local ownership of potential solutions.
To equip leaders, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations to make a meaningful impact in their spheres of influence.

What We Do


Our primary aim is to connect people and resources. We alleviate the burden of finding ways to expand by helping organizations connect to resources that can help them in that area.

While Boulder Foundation is open to new partnerships and resources, we have chosen to develop strategic relationships with particular entities, identified as our Partner Programs.

Our daily involvement focuses on:

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Identify Partner Programs that provide transformational training solutions that are geared toward community and personal sustainability and empowerment.

Invite high impact nonprofits to join our Partner Programs whose work focus aligns with one or more of our key involvement areas.

Find sustainable local solutions geared towards empowering and giving dignity to local communities, and reducing dependency on donor aid.

Connect communities and programs directly to our Partner Programs and allowing leadership, management and operations of these resources to operate and expand independently.